Our Approach

  1. Treating Healthcare as a Business Expense
  2. The SBG System
  3. Valued Results

1.  Treating Healthcare as a Business Expense

Solid Benefits Group - Our ApproachAssembling a budget and managing company expenses is a complex undertaking for every business owner. You must be efficient and well organized in every way to minimize risk and boost return on investment.

Providing benefits to your employees is no different. Our responsibility is to supply forward thinking cost management strategies that will generate superior value for your benefits package.

With the experience & expertise of our team, we will assist you in controlling costs while protecting your employees.

2.  The SBG System

  • Polished Consulting Process

Starting with an informative consulting process, we will analyze your current benefits package, claims history, and your employee demographics to better understand your company’s needs.

  • Educated & Informed Decision Making

All decisions should meet your organizations unique objectives. Using our findings from the consulting process, we will structure a benefits program that is effectively tailored for your group.

  • Open Collaboration

Communication is important in any relationship. When partnering with your business, we will actively work with you on an ongoing basis to monitor your benefits program and adapt them when necessary to changing business and human resource needs. Together we work as a team.

  • Long-Term Strategy

You want your business to be successful for a long time…so do we. One piece of the equation is having a tactical employee benefits program in place. By helping you to develop a pro-active long-term strategy, we can help you to control and predict your costs.

  • Compliance & On-going Service

Regular review of goals & objectives of your benefits package as well as the changing demographics of your company are vital to continuing the valuable benefits offered. As a member of your team, we will communicate with you regularly about the latest laws and regulations that may affect your company.

3.  Valued Results

  • Employee Satisfaction

To stay competitive in today’s market, your company must recruit – and – retain top quality employees. Providing a well-balanced benefits program with a long-term direction will keep your employees happy.Communication of benefits to your staff is essential. Presenting this information to employees so they value all that you do for them is a high priority of ours.

  • Reducing the Administrative Burden

We make the burden of offering benefits our concern. As a member of your team, our responsibility is to administer and manage your benefits program so you can focus on your business.